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Перевод трех мини-статей на английском языке + Аннотаций к ним + Глоссарий в конце.


Inclusive pedagogy

Inclusive pedagogy is a student-centered approach to teaching that pays attention to the varied background, learning styles, and abilities of all the learners in front of you. It is a method of teaching in which instructors and students work together to create a supportive and open environment that fosters social justice and allows each individual to be fully present and feel equally valued.

Inclusive pedagogy at its core is learner-centered and equity-focused, creating an overarching learning environment in which students feel equally invited and included. Drawing from a large body of research - much of it foundational scholarship on teaching and learning - it is clear that learning outcomes are improved for everyone when teachers attend to student differences and take deliberate steps to ensure that all students, across differences in academic and social background as well as physical and cognitive abilities, feel welcomed, valued, challenged, and supported in their academic work.

In inclusive courses, the content takes into account the range of perspectives in the class, and is delivered in a way that strives to overcome barriers to access that students might have. Inclusive pedagogy invites us to consider our choices around both the content we teach and the means through which we deliver it. Additionally, inclusive pedagogy argues that the social identities of both student and teacher have a direct impact on the learning experience. Self-awareness is therefore an important point of entry into inclusive pedagogical practice.

What is peer teaching?

Peer teaching is one of the best ways to master a particular subject. It is a method of teaching, where a student instructs another student, wherein the former will be an expert and the latter a novice.

This paves the learner student to learn without depending upon the teacher, and the teacher-student to revise the topic again, on the belief that “To teach is to learn twice” (Collins).

Through the direct interaction between students, peer teaching promotes active learning as well as participation within themselves. Student teachers enhance their own depth of knowledge in the topic by instructing others.

Peer teaching is not a novel concept, as it was seen right from the time when the system of Gurukula education prevailed in our society.

Since then, it was an effective method of teaching as well as learning. And now, peer teaching is quite popular among students of all ages.

7 Qualities of a Successful Teacher

The measure of success of a teacher is the way in which he/she is remembered and cherished in the minds of their students. A great teacher inspires students at every path of their life. To be successful, a teacher must have:

  1. An attractive personality, enthusiasm and care: A pleasing smile on the teacher’s face gives a positive energy to their students.
  2. Respect for their profession and students: The teachers should have a feeling that they are doing a great job by educating the new generation.
  3. Good leadership traits: The teacher must be skilled leader to maintain discipline in the classroom and to take every group activities under control.
  4. Mastery over the subject: Primarily, a teacher is supposed to teach a particular subject and therefore, must be well-versed with their subject and must be able to face any question that the students may ask.
  5. Passion for teaching: ‘Teaching is not a profession, but a passion.’ Only a passionate teacher can influence the students.
  6. Communication with the parents: Being in touch with the parents will help the teachers to know their students better. Moreover, the parent will also have an interest in the activities at the school and that is good for the total development.
  7. Self development: A good teacher shouldn’t have any fear of learning new strategies or using new technology for teaching.

Teachers play a wonderful role in our life after our parents.


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