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A Report on the Topic: New York City and Other US Cities - Реферат

ДисциплинаИностранные языки
Тип работыРефераты
Количество страниц17
Год сдачи2017
Номер работы1135

О работе

Оценка «отлично», грамотное оформление, высокая оригинальность


Introduction 3
1. New York City 4
1.1. History 4
1.2. Size and Population 5
1.3. Famous Landmarks 6
1.4. Famous People from New York City 7
1.5. Attractions 8
1.6. Food 9
2. Washington, D.C. 11
2.1. History 11
2.2. Famous Landmarks and Attractions 12
3. Los Angeles 14
Conclusion 16
Bibliography 17

Millions of visitors travel to the US from around the world every year, and millions of Americans also spend their leisure time exploring and enjoying their country. The nation’s richly diverse history, culture, art, and landscape, as well as its tradition of hospitality and service, makes traveling in the US both enjoyable and stress-free.
The main goal of the paper under consideration is to give a detailed coverage to the biggest and the most popular American cities – New York, Washington and Los Angeles. In order to achieve this goal, the following tasks are singled out:
- to conduct a historical overview of the cities in question;
- to give special attention to their famous landmarks;
- to single out the peculiarities of local attractions;
- to pay special attention to some interesting facts, including local cuisine, population, celebrities and unusual places.
The paper is based on modern researches, travel guides and works in the field of country studies, travelling and tourism.

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8. Jackson K.T., Keller L., Flood N. The Encyclopedia of New York City. – 2nd ed. – New Haven: Yale University Press, 2010. – 1582 p.
9. Pulido, L., Barraclough, L., Cheng, W. A People’s Guide to Los Angeles. – Berkeley: University of California Press, 2012. – 328 p.

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