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Английский Контрольная вариант 1 (12 заданий)

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Год сдачи2017
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Вариант 1
Задание 1. Вставьте артикль.
At first sight. Please clean ... blackboard. ... President Kennedy. At sunset. ... Arctic Ocean. For example. To take ... seat. ... USA. ... Russia. They are looking for ... man with long dark hair. I see ... cars. I see ... owl. ... watch is on ... table. He is ... economist. Pete and Kate are children.

Задание 2. Образуйте множественное число существительных.
Bill, expense, pencil, loss, tax, duty, gift, child, foot, life, deer, music, man, book, branch.

Задание 3. Выберите существительное в общем или притяжательном падеже в зависимости от смысла
This is (Jane, Jane's) letter. (These engineers, these engineer's) are not at the office now. Give (Mike, Mike's) those letters. (My friend, my friend's) children are small. Don't take (my brother, my brother's) watch. (The experts, the experts') opinion is very interesting.

Задание 4. Образуйте сравнительную и превосходную степени прилагательных: impossible, big, few, interesting, thin, many

Задание 5. Выпишите из текста все наречия.
Unfortunately when people think of Britain they usually only think of London. But if you travel 100 miles out of this city, it's as if you are in a different world. The people there are more relaxed, more helpful. I've always had the idea that British people are clever. I think there isn't much to do there in the way of entertainment, that's why people may read more. I rarely hear about violence in Great Britain. My image of Britain is probably far from the truth, but it's the way I see it.

Задание 6. Заполните пропуски предлогами и переведите предложения на русский язык.
1. Usually I stand up ... 8 o'clock.
2. Go ... your office now.
3. Don't take the telexes from the table.
4. Come ... this room, please.
5. The letter is ... the book.
6. Tell me ... your job.
7. The dinner will be ready ... an hour.
8. Every day she sleeps ... 12 to 8 o'clock.
9. Pete doesn 't like to write ... a pencil.
10. The report was listened by the great scientist.
11. Kiev is far ... Vologda.
12. There are green trees ... the Institute.

Задание 7. Переведите на английский язык.
1 экономист
8 долларов
13 докладов
17 километров
24 года
75 городов
101 таможенник
462 писателя
6.389 причин
893.300 статей
1.100.100 человек 

Задание 8. Выберите и вставьте подходящее по смыслу местоимение , My, his, these, that, those, some (2), any (2), it, somebody, anything, nothing, our
1) I found ... interesting there. 2) He came up to the window ... was open. 3) Did you find ... new in the article? 4) ... has locked the door. 5) I left ... books on ... table. 6) ... new English texts were rather difficult. 7) This student works at ... table. 8) ... books must be kept in ... bookcases. 9) I need ... time to think it over. 10) If she has ... sense of humour, she will like the film. 11) ... are my friends. 12) Take my glasses from that shelf. 13) Have you ... English books?

Задание 9. Вставьте нужную форму глагола to be в настоящем времени.
I ... at the lesson now. My son ... a pupil of the 5th year. I ... a student of economics now. They ... in Moscow today. Jane ... in her office now. Pete and Ann ... not English. ... your father an engineer? My mother ... a mathematician. ... from London or from Edinburgh? We ... not pupils already. My mother ... a mathematician. ... they from London or from Edinburgh? We ... pupils already.

Задание 10. Переведите на английский язык, используя выражение there is/ there are.
На столе лежат только русские книги и нет английских
В этой книге 15 уроков
На фабрике трудятся 1500 рабочих
Есть такая профессия - работник таможенной службы
В России много старинных городов
Есть труд, который называется «Исследование природы и причин благосостояния народов».
В этой работе есть определённый смысл

Задание 11. Поставьте глаголы в нужную форму.
1. То the ... of the window you see a sofa.
2. He ... reading very much.
3. My sister ... the piano well.
4. My parents ... a flat in a new district.
5. He sometimes ... me English books.
6. Nina's brother ... a piano.
7. I often go to ... my friend's family.
8. He ... at a factory.
9. His parents ... with them too.
10. He ... alone.

Задание 12. Задайте к каждому предложению все типы вопросов.
This summer we go to the sea-shore.
They usually have dinner at 5 o'clock.
He receives five letters a day.

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