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Английский язык 2 задания

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6. Combine the sentences:
The conference finishes at 5 o`clock. It`s 3 o`clock now.
1. We can leave the conference now. We must stay until 5 o`clock.
2. We must leave the conference now . We can stay until 5 o`clock.
3. We mustn`t leave the conference now. We can`t stay until 5 o`clock.
4. We needn`t leave the conference now. We needn`t stay until 5 o`clock.

7. Complete the sentences with the modal verbs below:
1. - ... I answer the letter now? - No, you ... . You ... do it after lunch.
2. Jack ... go to the bank today. He has spent all his money.
3. Paul ... read when he was 4, but he ... write.
4. If you go to Turkey, you ... get a visa. But if you go to Great Britain, you ... get it.
5. The children ... go for a walk. It's cold outside.
6. Mr Brown is speaking very quietly. We ... hear him.
7. My friend got a good job because he ... speak 2 foreign languages.
8. — ... I have another cup of tea?
— Yes, certainly.
9. You ... see films in foreign languages if you go to this cinema.

can / can't,
could / couldn't,
must / mustn’t,

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