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Английский язык 7 заданий

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1. В каждой строчке найдите и выпишите слово, которое не рифмуется с другими
Main say they dine
moon rule spoon book
brown sound out know
work girl fur walk
coy soil noise stop
cheer steer stare deer

2. Перепишите предложения, заполнив пропуски, переведите их на
русский язык
1. Have you get ... friends here?
a) any b) some
3. ... students prepare their lessons here.
a) some b) any
4. Is there ... here?
a) somebody b) anybody
5. ... has happened to him.
a) anything b) something
6. You may take ... book from the shelf.
a) some b) any

3. Измените, глагол в предложении в зависимости от обстоятельства времени. Напишите предложения. Переведите их на русский язык.
The letters are answered every day (right now, already, yesterday, when he came, before he came, tomorrow)

4. Выберите английский эквивалент подчеркнутого модального глагола. Укажите букву.
1. Мой брат может бегать быстро
a) could run b) will be able to run c) can run
2. Она могла ответить на вопросы
a) can answer b) will be able to answer c) could answer
3. Он сможет принимать участие в соревнованиях
a) will be able to take part b) could take part c) can take part
4. Мы должны пойти на тренировку
a) had to go b) must go c) will be to go
5. Она должна была приехать сюда следующей весной
b) must come b) will have to come c) was to come
6. Вы должны будете ждать очень долго
a) will have to wait b) are to wait c) were to wait
7. Можно оставить ребенка с ней?
a) can I leave b) may I leave с) might I leave
8. Ей можно было пользоваться телефоном
a) may use b) might use с) could use

5. Переведите следующие пары слов, обращая внимание на приставки.
heat - reheat;
definite - indefinite;
numerable - innumerable;
familiar - unfamiliar;
count - miscounts;
arrange -derrange;
inside - outside;
agree - disagree;
change – interchange;

6.Выпишите из текста предложение, отмеченное звездочкой. Поставьте вопросы к каждому члену предложения.
The party represents those who believe in private enterprise as opposed to state* -owned undertakings.

7. Прочитайте текст. Перепишите и письменно переведите заглавие и абзацы 3,4

1. United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy, This means that it has a monarch (a queen) as its Head, of State. The monarch reigns with the support of Parliament. Everything is done in the Queen's name. It's her government, her armed forces, her law courts and so on. She appoints all the Ministers, including the Prime Minister. Everything is done however on the advice of the elected Government, and the monarch takes no part in the decision-making process.
2. Parliament consists of two chambers known as the House of Commons and the House of Lords. Parliament and the monarch have different roles in the government of the country. In reality, the House of Commons is the only one of three which is true power. It a here that new bills are introduced and debatedt if the majority of the members are not in favour of a bill it goes to the House of Lords to be debated and finally to the monarch to be signed. Only then it becomes Act of Parliament and the Law of the Land.
3. The House of Commons is made up of 650 elected members known as Members of Parliament (MPs), each of whom represents an area in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. MPs are elected for 5 years at a general election or at a by-election following the death or retirement of an M.P. The political parties choose candidates in elections. The party which wine the majority of seats forms the Government and its leader usually becomes Prime Minister. The Prime Minister chooses about 20 Members of Parliament for his party to become the Cabinet of Ministers. The House of Commons is presided over by the speaker a member acceptable to the whole House. Hе doesn't belong to any party. MPs have to catch the Speaker's eye when they want to speak, then rise from where they have been sitting to address the House. All the speeches begin "Mister Speaker Sir"
4. The House of Lords consists of 1100 members. Most of the members are hereditary peers: dukes, marquises, earls, barons. The Ноuse of Lords is the highest Court of Appeal. The chairman of the House of Lords is the Lord Chancellor and he sits on a special seat called the Woolsack. The members of the House of Lords debate a bill after it has been passed by the House of Commons. The Lords' main power consists of being able to delay non-financial bill for a period of a year, but they can also introduce certain types of bill.
5. Nowadays in Great Britain there are 3 main political parties the Conservative Party, the Liberal Party and the Labour Party. The Conservative Party, often called the Tory Party, is a that of big business, industry, commerce and landowners. The party represents those who believe in private enterprise as opposed to state* -owned undertakings. The Tories are a mixture of the rich and privileged - the monopolists and landowners. The Conservative Party is the most powerful and is often called a party of 6 directors.
6. The Labour Party depart ultra left ideals, promises to increase taxes for the rich and to increase benefits for families with children and pensioners. The Labour Party is composed mainly of trade-union members. Although the Labour Party members call themselves socialists, the action of the Labour Party tends to support reformed capitalism.
7. The Liberal Party enjoys the support of 15 % of voters. It admits the existence of the market economy. The Liberal Party Is small in size, it represents the interests of liberal bourgeoisies and its relations with the Tory and the Labour Party are complex.

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