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Работа успешно защищена, авторская работа, грамотное оформление


1) лексико-грамматический тест;
2) аннотирование предложенного оригинального текста по специальности;
3) написание эссе по заданной теме.
Первый раздел содержит грамматические и лексические тесты, которые содержат лексико-грамматический материал, изученный в 1 семестре.
Во втором разделе пособия приводится план аннотации с набором наиболее употребительных слов и словосочетаний, а также образец аннотации статьи. Вам необходимо, используя план и образец аннотации, самостоятельно составить аннотации статей.
В третьем разделе приведены ключевые вопросы для написания эссе.

Test 1
Read the text below and decide which answer A, B, C or D best fits each space.
No More Classes
The use (0)…….. computers has meant students can study language programmes (1)…….. their own speed when and for how long they want – and no need to worry about the teacher having a favourite or doing (2)…….. another boring lesson. What’s more, in the virtual classrooms of the future the student will (3)….. on their headset, and be transported into an imaginary school, choose their class, take the books they need off the shelf and (4)…….. conversations with other computerized students.
They might (5)…….. choose to pay a visit to the supermarket or the train station, the bank or the restaurant. At the (6)…….. of a button they would be transported to (7)……..realistic settings where they could practice their English, maybe getting a hand (8)…….. a virtual English companion. All this perhaps, at the computer, from the comfort of their home: no (9)……..to catch the bus to college, or a plane to England.
Exciting? Certainly, and an interesting alternative to traditional classroom lessons. But would it ever (10)…….. the classroom? Hopefully not. (11)…….. the need to relate to real people talking about real issues and generally learning a little more about others will always lead language learners to (12)……..at least a little of their time with real people.

0 A in B at C of D to
1 A with B for C at D in
2 A still B for C yet D already
3 A place B put C set D get
4 A take B do C catch D hold
5 A although B preferably C instead D contrary
6 A force B hit C depress D push
7 A so B such C like D alike
8 A with B to C from D for
9 A role B duty C obligation D need
10 A replace B restore C succeed D recover
11 A definitely B mainly C totally D surely
12 A spend B make C have D do


Test 2
Read the text below and decide which answer A, B, C or D best fits each space.

Improving Your Intellect
A (0)…….. of researchers at the University of California claimed in a recently published report that listening to classical music can actually improve one’s level of intelligence. This surprising claim was (1)…….. after groups of volunteers listened to three different tapes and completed IQ tests after listening to each one. The volunteers (2)…….. ten minutes of Mozart, a relaxation tape and a recording of silence. When making the test after listening to Mozart, the subjects’ scores were noticeably (3)…….. than after the other two. However, the tape had no (4)…….. effect on any of the volunteers’ intelligence levels.
Researchers believe that this kind of music opens certain neural networks which are used when performing intellectual tasks like puzzle (5)…….. . They do not claim that Mozart alone among classical composers is (6)…….. of lifting your spirits and boosting brain-power, but they do believe that this particular composer’s distinctive style makes his works ideally suited for stimulating our grey matter. Researchers in New Zealand attempted to (7)…….. these results, but their efforts did not (8)….. with success. Despite this lack of this outside verification, the Californian team are determined to carry (9)…….. . Further (10)…….. have been planned, this time using a (11)…….. range of audio material. Chris Band, one of the leaders in the UK intelligence research field, has poured cold water on Californian claims. He asserts that their results cannot be (12)…….. seriously until someone else manages to reproduce them.

0 A party B team C band D gang
1 A made B said C stated D done
2 A heard B listened C followed D attended
3 A larger B more C greater D higher
4 A last B permanent C final D constant
5 A solving B working C doing D putting
6 A capable B able C competent D proficient
7 A redo B copy C imitate D reproduce
8 A engage B welcome C meet D accept
9 A off B on C along D out
10 A trials B experiences C efforts D attempts
11 A longer B richer C further D broader
12 A faced B accepted C taken D believed

Test 3
Read the text below and decide which answer A, B, C or D best fits each space.

Environmental Concerns
Earth is the only (0)…….. we know of in the universe that can support human life. (1)…….. human activities are making the planet less fit to live on. As the western world (2)….. on consuming two-thirds of the world’s resources while half of the world’s population do so (3)…….. to stay alive we are rapidly destroying the (4)…….. resources we have by which all people can survive and prosper. Everywhere fertile soil is (5)…….. built on or washed into the sea. Renewable resources are exploited so much that they will never be able to recover (6)…D….. . We discharge pollutants into the atmosphere without any thought of the consequences. As a (7)…….. the planet’s ability to support people is being (8)…….. at the very time when rising human numbers and consumption are (9)….. increasingly high demands on it.
The Earth’s (10)….. resources are there for us to use. We need food, water, air, energy, medicines, warmth, shelter and minerals to (11)…….. us fed, comfortable, healthy and active. If we are sensible in how we use the resources they will (12)…….. indefinitely. But if we use them wastefully and excessively they will soon run out and everyone will suffer.

0 A situation B place C position D site
1 A Still B Even though C In spite of D Despite
2 A continues B repeats C carries D follows
3 A already B just C for D entirely
4 A alone B individual C lone D only
5 A sooner B neither C either D rather
6 A quite B greatly C utterly D completely
7 A development B result C reaction D product
8 A stopped B narrowed C reduced D cut
9 A doing B having C taking D making
10 A natural B real C living D genuine
11 A hold B maintain C stay D keep
12 A last B stand C go D remain

Test 4
Read the text below and decide which answer A, B, C or D best fits each space.

Sound Advice for Language Learners
A recent (0)…….. of a language learning magazine has consulted a number of experts in the (1)…..of second language acquisition. Their advice may prove invaluable for those (2) ……..a language course. One suggestion is that you (3)…….. whether you are likely to be successful at learning a language. Did you enjoy studying languages at school, for example? Do you have enough time to learn a language? The major (4) …….. will be your own time and effort. Therefore you must make sure that the course on offer leads to a (5) …….. qualification. Also, be realistic in your (6)…… . If you don’t set achievable aims you are most likely to give up. Do not be deceived (7)…….. thinking that the most expensive courses are the best. (8)…….. around to get the best possible value for money. You should also bear in mind that the quicker you learn a language the more quickly you forget it. Sandra Miller, a French teacher, tried to teach herself German by enrolling on a (9)…….. course. Already fluent in four languages and with a sound knowledge of teaching methodology her chances of (10)…….. progress were high. Three years (11)…….. she remembers very little. She feels her biggest mistake was not to follow (12)…….. her first experience. “I should have consolidated what I had learnt by continuing to study, even if it were by myself.”

0 A series B issue C programme D release
1 A domain B branch C field D area
2 A wondering B thinking C looking D considering
3 A assess B review C balance D survey
4 A charge B cost C price D valuation
5 A recognised B understood C valued D regarded
6 A sights B ends C objects D goals
7 A by B about C into D in
8 A Nose B Push C Run D Shop
9 A rapid B crash C quick D fast
10 A achieving B doing C gaining D making
11 A on B forward C from D onward
12 A up B on C through D out


(Text 1)
The headline of the article is Air Travel – the Budget Way. The date and place of publication have not been specified.
The article offers a brief survey of today’s world budget airline industry, with a particular focus on South-East Asia and Europe.
The author of the article, Jane Winsley, starts by reporting on the successes of three major Indian no-frills airlines, which threaten to put an end to the railway’s dominance of long-distance travel in the country. Further, budget air travel advances in South-East Asia are highlighted and the most successful Asian budget carriers are listed. Finally, the author dwells on some successes of a number of European no-frills airlines such as Ryanair, Easyjet etc.
This highly informative article studded with facts and examples is an excellent presentation of the state of play in the global budget airline industry and can be of great use to businesspeople, policy makers, professionals and all those interested in current affairs in the world.


Тext 1
Air Travel – the Budget Way
by Jane Winsley
The railway’s dominance of long-distance travel within India may soon be over. No-frills airline Spicejet is luring train passengers with ultra-low fares reminiscent of Ryanair’s aggressive marketing. The New Delhi-based company, which only started business in May 2005, is already expanding its fleet with a new order of Boeing 737s. The airline aims to compete with first class rail travel, and sold more than 37,000 tickets online on the first day of business.
Kingfisher airlines, owned by India’s beer baron Vijay Mallya, promises models working as flight attendants. Launched just weeks before Spicejet, Kingfisher is aiming slightly more upmarket, with inflight entertainment on every seat, and fine cuisine.
India’s pioneering budget carrier, Air Deccan, is going from strength to strength. Set up in 2003, it undercut existing fares by 50% and kick-started the growth of India’s domestic market.
No-frills air travel arrives in South-East Asia. A region where up until now national carriers have had virtual monopolies is opening up to the budget flight era. New airlines are using European style Internet booking systems to offer tickets at prices unheard of before. Because the Internet is not yet available throughout the region, tickets can also be bought through travel agents but under the same system – the earlier you book, the cheaper the ticket.
Air Asia is perhaps the most successful of the new airlines. Set up in 2001, the Kuala Lumpur-based business offers flights within Malaysia and to destinations in Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia and Philippines.
Budget air travel is having a big impact in Cambodia. Without a main national carrier, Cambodia has an ‘open skies’ policy and is encouraging new airlines to boost tourism in the country. One company that has capitalised on this is Jet Star Asia, which has routes to the capital Phnom Penh and the tourist centre Siem Reap.
Soaring fuel costs have not prevented Dublin-based airline Ryanair from continuing with its ambitious plans for expansion, including establishing a major hub in Frankfurt, Germany. The other main player EasyJet, based in Luton, near London, is constantly adding new routes and registering record numbers of passengers. The collapse of EUjet in 2005 had many business analysts forecasting a downturn in the fortunes of budget airlines. But the doomed Kent-based carrier, which left over 5000 passengers stranded abroad when it went out of business, has not proved typical of the no-frills market.
Recent start-ups such as Barcelona-based Vueling are giving Spanish airline Iberia a major headache by slashing fares on routes within Europe. Iberia may soon be forced to concentrate on its South American routes and leave Europe to the budget carriers. Meanwhile the admission of new member states into the European Union has led to a boom in Central and Eastern European-based airlines. Sky Europe is one of the biggest. With bases in Budapest, Krakow, Warsaw, Prague and Bratislava, the company has expanded rapidly since starting up in 2002, and operates on 65 routes throughout Europe.

Annotation of Text 1

Тext 2
The Demand for Responsible Tourism
by Carolyn Hardwick
An increasing number of customers are concerned about the impact of tourism on destination communities and the environment. Fuelled by regular newspaper reports on the consequences of travel and tourism, today’s customers are looking for ways of continuing to have holidays, but minimizing the negative effects of them. Tour operators must respond to this demand, and do more than just pay lip service to ideas of fair trade and sustainable tourism.
At the moment there are many specialist companies offering ecotourism. These companies are flourishing, but they are a tiny section of the tourist industry as a whole. We need to bring responsible tourism into the mainstream of the industry if mainstream tourism is to continue to grow. We need to ensure that the very assets upon which we rely – beautiful beaches, unspoilt landscapes, ancient monuments and fascinating cultures – are protected in order to sustain our industry. At the moment we employ one in every 11.5 of the planet’s workers. We are a huge industry, and must become a responsible one.
There are many initiatives currently in place. Tourism Concern’s Fair Trade in Tourism campaign encourages dialogue between tour operators, tourists and destination communities, and promotes and highlights examples of good practice. The UK’s Association of Independent Tour Operators (AITO) has produced guidelines for its members, encouraging them to protect the environment, respect local cultures, benefit local communities, conserve natural resources and minimise pollution. The Tour Operators' Initiative for Sustainable Tourism Development has similar objectives, is open to all tour operators, and has the support of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the World Tourism Organization (WTO). We must take the ideas promoted by these initiatives on board and act on them.
So what does this mean in practice? We must change our business practices in every sector of the industry. We need to increase the number of tour operators committed to responsible tourism, and increase their visibility within the industry. We need to increase tourists’ awareness of what we are doing, and what they can do in return. We can encourage our customers to be responsible tourists by giving them information on local customs, suitable dress codes and sustainability issues at their destinations. We need to listen to and work with destination communities. This may involve taking drastic measures such as limiting the number of tourists allowed to visit certain destinations, or increasing prices so that local communities benefit more from tourism. Above all, we need to ensure that mainstream tourism is responsible tourism.

Annotation of Text 2

3. Esse
Why Have You Decided to Apply for the Master’s Course?
1) When did you receive your bachelor’s degree?
2) What is your specialization as a bachelor? Are you going to have your master’s degree in the same specialization?
3) Do you know which subjects will be taught at your master’s course? Which of them are you particularly interested in?
4) In which ways do you think your master’s course will be different from your bachelor’s course?
5) Do you have a job? If you do, are you going to keep it while studying for your master’s degree?
6) Do you have any ideas as to how your master’s degree might improve your employment opportunities?
7) What other advantages do you expect your master’s degree will give you compared to bachelors?
8) What would you like to do after graduation?
a) Are you planning on entering a post-graduate course?
b) Have you ever thought of continuing your education abroad?

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