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Тренировочные упражнения № 6 Английский язык

ДисциплинаИностранные языки
Тип работыКонтрольные
Количество страниц1
Год сдачи2016
Номер работы913

О работе

В наличии имеются все тренировочные задания по английскому языку данного курса. Чтобы купить сразу все тренировочные со скидкой, обратитесь к менеджеру.


1.Прочитайте и переведите следующие предложения на русский язык.
1. She goes to work by bus. 2. The director was standing at the window looking through in the street. 3. They stayed at home in the evening. 4. Your papers are on the table. Put them into the box. 5. Some people were going away from the house. 6. He took the picture off the wall. 7. We turned round the corner. 8. I was born on the second of December. 9. Everybody is at the table. 9. Our work begins at nine. 10. Bye, see you on Monday. 11. The chief is not pleased with my work. 12. This project aims at future development.

Вставьте нужные предлоги из приведенных в скобках.
1. The sky is covered … clouds. 2. I prefer to go … sea. 3. He went to Moscow … his parents. 4. The new house will be surrounded … the garden. 5. I can open the door of my flat … the key.

Вставьте нужные предлоги из приведенных в списке.
to on in for by at up from with of out
I like Helen best all my friends. She is a pretty girl large brown eyes, dark hair and slender figure. We usually spend our free time the town. We go there car. Our friends also go us. We visit many places interest. But the evening we return home.

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